Israel Baseball Experience

Einav Nof-Agam

Director of Programs

Einav was born in the southern city Be’er Sheva to Argentinian parents, who made Aliyah with their parents as teenage kids. Since the age of three she traveled around the world due to her fathers job, and found herself in places such as Spain, Singapore and Italy. In all those places Einav felt her strong connection with the Jewish community, and was very involved. In 1998, her family shipped overseas once again, although this time, she couldn’t join them, since she felt her duty towards the IDF was much stronger and served as a travel instructor throughout Israel, guiding soldiers from all different troops around Israel. In 2010 she got her BA degree in Communications and Management and in 2012 she got her MA degree in Organization Development. She is Married to Avshalom (her high school sweetheart) and is a mother to a beautiful boy named Ofir and two daughters named Tamar & Gili.

Nate Fish

National Director of the Israel Association of Baseball

Nate Fish is the National Director of the Israel Association of Baseball. Fish oversees all aspects of the baseball program in Israel and plays for and coaches the Senior National Team. In 2012, Fish played for Israel in the World Baseball Classic. Previously, he played international pro baseball in Germany (2008) and Israel (2007). Fish is from Shaker Heights, Ohio and played college baseball at the University of Cincinnati. He has over 10 years of coaching and sports administrating experience as former coach of the United States Junior National Team for the Maccabi Games and co-founder and manager of the Yokville Baseball Academy in New York City.