Masa Israel Teaching Fellows

Volunteer in Israel as an English Teacher: Israel Teaching Fellows


Teacher's Training Course

Below is a copy of the syllabus for the course. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate.



Insights into the Structure and Functioning of the Israeli School System

Teachers: MiriYohanna, Einat Lev-Haim, Dalia Stein

Hours: 10

Abstract: In this course students will be introduced to the Israeli school system with all its forms and varieties. A description of the different sectors existing in the education/school system in Israel: Religious, Secular, Arab/Jewish and combined schools will be discussed. Practical distinctions will be made regarding the differences and similarities in each sector. Heterogeneity and ulticulturalism in Israeli society will be examined. Everyday life and cultural aspects will be highlighted. Students will become familiar with different National English Examinations.



Introduction to the English curriculum and teaching materials

Teachers: Hanny Turjeman Kolir, MiriYohanna, Dr. Sarah Shrire

Hours: 5

Abstract: In this course the students will become familiar with the National English curriculum and the four supplements. Additionally, students will become acquainted with English teaching programs and course- books at various levels. They will learn about and discuss teaching materials, allocation and distribution of hours for teaching English in school. Students will be encouraged to focus on particular fields of interest within the curriculum for further examination and implementation, related to their schools.



Professional Development for English Teachers

Teachers: Dr. Beverley Topaz, Dr. Rivi Carmel

Hours: 10

Abstract: In this course students will become familiar with the professional development and support systems provided for English teachers. They will have opportunities to meet English instructors personally and learn about local professional organizations and professional development resources. Practical and useful information such as online professional resources and sites will be presented and discussed in the workshops.



Weak Learners, from Theory to Practice

Teachers: Dr. Tzafi Timor, Dr. Irit Cohen, Stella Nachmias

Hours: 10

Abstract: This course is intended to provide students with information about the different reasons why some students are weak learners. Issues relevant to their daily practice in teaching English will be addressed. Topics will include short overview of current theories about the origins and nature of LD, characteristics and profiles of individuals with learning disabilities and practical means of intervention. Participants in this course will learn how to apply the information to improve students’ progress.



Methods of Teaching English in Small Groups: Didactic and Pedagogical Issues

Teachers: Dr. Rivi Carmel, Gail Amar, Dr. Sarah Shrire, Dr. Tina Waldmen, Ruth Almog, Judy Rappaort

Hours: 40

Abstract: This course will present the students with theory and methodology relevant to English teaching from pre-foundation to intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be exposed to a variety of language teaching methods and techniques. They will experiment with these same methods and techniques through presentations and peer- teaching. They will also prepare teaching aids and materials for their work in school. Emphasis will be given to teaching English in small groups.



Classroom Observations – Preparing for the School Practices

Teachers: Gail Amar, Ruth Almog

Hours: 10

Abstract: In this course (which will take place in September, when the students are settling in their schools), students will examine and discuss school and classroom observation tasks in order for them to get familiar with the schools, the teachers and the pupils, in which they will be teaching. Students will be encouraged to develop and practice reflective skills to improve their interaction with the pupils (teacher-pupil dialogue), and teachers (teacher -teacher dialogue) in school.