Israel Wine Experience


Destination Israel offers a 5-month wine certification program in Israel. Wine has been produced in Israel since biblical times, and today Israeli wineries receive recognition, acclaim and prestigious awards worldwide. Our wine certification program in Israel consists of two stages: 2 months of education, including a 10-day trip to France, and 3 months of apprenticeship. By the end of our program, you will be a certified wine expert, have impressive experience on your resume and leave our program with a valuable network of professionals in the industry.

Our wine certification program in Israel starts with a 10-day trip to Burgundy, France, where participants will complete a Sensory Evaluation Course and tour local wineries with France’s leading sommeliers and winemakers. The remainder of the program will be spent in the Golan Heights, the best of the 5 vine-growing regions in Israel known to be most suited for viticulture due to its high elevation, cool breezes, marked day and night temperature changes and rich, well-drained soils. You will spend 7 weeks studying at Ohala College, rated as number one in job placement by the Ministry of Education, which will be followed by an apprenticeship for the remainder of the program in an Israeli winery. Destination Israel takes you on a journey from sow to harvest.


Our wine certification program in Israel has a firm belief in theoretical as well as applied learning. Therefore, our wine internships in Israel show you how to evaluate, critique, decant, serve and store a wine; they cover everything from viticulture, vinification, cellaring, investment strategy, and regional analysis of wines, spirits, and ales. If you are a connoisseur of wine, Destination Israel will help you turn your passions into a career!


The town of Katzrin, known as the capital of the Golan, is located in the north of Israel. With a population of 7,500, it is the largest Jewish locality in the Golan Heights. Its charm lies in its location as it’s surrounded by breathtaking views of the north of Israel. To the south of the town, you can see a stunning view of the Sea of Galilee, while to the north, you can see Mount Hermon in all its majesty.

Katzrin is home to both Ohalo College and the famous Golan Heights Winery. It is the center for tourism in the area as it offers a wide range of attractions, including the Golan Magic (a modern visitor center with a multi-sensory presentation), Golan Antiques Museum, and the Talmud Experience at the Ancient Katzrin Park among others.

The town has a vibrant community and social life making it an ideal location for our wine certification program in Israel. The community center offers activities in education, culture, arts, sports and other fields while providing entertainment for the public, such as concerts. The country club has an indoor swimming pool, state of the art gym, spa facilities and tennis courts. Katzrin also has dance and music studios in the town shopping center.

During the educational stage of the wine certification program in Israel, you will live in dormitories on the Ohalo Campus, providing you with the opportunity to create a social network with Israeli peers as well as the other participants. After the completion of the course, you will live in the vineyard of your wine internship.

Why You Should Choose Destination Israel:

Destination Israel participants receive:
  • 10 day course and tour in Burgundy, France
  • Sensory Evaluation Course certificate
  • 64 hours of Hebrew Classes
  • Fully furnished accommodations in dormitories and vineyards
  • 10 of trips throughout Israel
  • Host families
  • Educational seminars on Israeli culture, politics, history, current events, etc.
  • Israeli Medical Insurance

Trust Destination Israel to take your passion for wine and turn it into a promising career. We have 27 years of professional experience running programs in Israel. By the time you’ll complete our wine certification program in Israel, you will be a certified wine expert not just in theory but also in practice!