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See Galilee provides a highly subsidized opportunity for up to 10 highly motivated and capable young adults between the ages of 21 and 28 geared towards budding social entrepreneurs in the Jewish Community. In addition, the program will afford the participant the opportunity to develop Hebrew language skills, receive education enrichment on pertinent Jewish and Israel topics, learn about social entrepreneurship, and have fun! Applicants from anywhere in the United States interested in this program are encouraged to apply.

The northern Galilee of Israel is among the most beautiful geographic landscapes in Israel, and yet it faces numerous social challenges. The Beren SEA Family Foundation and the Galila Foundation are already working together to address some of these challenges and have decided to create a special program for young adults from the United States to help further these and other efforts.

Adam Beren, a leader in the Jewish Community, as well as a businessman and philanthropist from Wichita, Kansas, initiated this program with the attempt to build a stronger Jewish community and to build relationships with the participants. The Program will be run by Galila-The Northern Galilee Development Foundation. Galila has contracted Israel Way, a subsidiary of Egged Cooperative and the premier educational tourism provider in Israel to organize and be responsible for the program. Israel Way is the largest provider of services for Masa Israel programs in Israel and their web page can be found at destinationisrael.com.
  1. To strengthen the connection of the participants with Israel and the Galilee.
  2. To provide an entrepreneurial laboratory in friendly and welcoming communities in the Galilee for the participants to create their social venture.
  3. To build a greater understanding of current political, social and cultural issues facing Israel and the Jewish diaspora.
  4. To fulfill the participant's desire for volunteerism and to give back to Israel.
  5. To improve the participants' Hebrew skills.
  6. To build Jewish community.


The participants selected will be young Jewish adults from the United States aged 21 to 28 who have demonstrated a track record in social entrepreneurship and have an interest in helping the future of the Jewish people. Basic Hebrew skills and a previous Israel experience are preferred, but not a requirement for selection in the program.
Yael Barlev, founder of The Galila Foundation, and Adam Beren will be on the selection committee. Israel Way will have the final say on who is selected for the program.
The program will last for 5 months with an option to apply to extend one time to participate in an additional 5 month session. The first weeks will be for orientation.  During this orientation period, the participants will be introduced to the program director from Israel Way and Galila and their volunteer coordinator (“Madrich”), who will be responsible for the daily coordination of work, seminars, travel and challenges that might arise.  The principals of Galila and Israel Way will orient the participants in the region and their expectations of the program.  An intensive Ulpan will be a part of this initial period.


During this introductory period the participants will be introduced to their host families. The host families in the Galilee will offer an additional local social resource to the participants and a "home away from home".  These families will host the participants for Shabbat and holiday dinners, and other times as well.


The participants will be living together in a furnished home or apartment in Kfar Vradim.
Once the orientation period is completed, the participants will begin their program which will focus on creating their social venture and volunteering. The volunteer opportunities will be tailored to the specific interests and talents of the participants.  Those creating a social venture will be given the resources and mentoring to execute their vision. The ability to work independently and with passion is an important quality for success in this program.


Most weekends will be designed for free time from Friday through Sunday morning, in order for the participants to experience Israel on their own.  At least one day a week will be dedicated to study and enrichment programs designed to enhance the participants' understanding of the challenges facing Israel and the American Jewish community, the political and socio-economic challenges facing Israel and world Jewry, the populations and challenges in the Galilee and leadership in a Jewish context. A comprehensive program on social entrepreneurship will be an integral part of the educational experience.


Ten days of trips around the country will be coordinated and some will include trips with members of other Israel Way programs in Israel at the time. Other parts of the program include weekly ulpanim for an additional 60 hours, and networking events with Israeli peers. 


The SEE Galilee program was established to attract young Jewish adults who have an interest in creating their own social venture for the Jewish community. The Beren SEA Foundation and Galila have formed a group of fellows who are social entrepreneurs in the Galilee. SEE Galille will provide education, mentoring and guidance to participants as they pursue their passions in creating a social venture in this welcoming laboratory in the Galilee of Israel.



See Galilee will attempt to structure the volunteer opportunities to match the interests of each participant.  The matching process will take place once the participants arrive in Israel and meet the people with whom they will volunteer and see the various possibilities for volunteering.  The volunteer options will include: 

AMIRIM Public Middle School and High School in Kfar Vradim – Help teach English and other classes and programs at this successful community school. Children in Israel pursue a rigorous workload in classes and after school programs similar to school kids in the United States.


KESHET public primary school in Kfar Vradim – Assist in the classroom and with programs being offered at this vibrant community school.


MERKAZ KOCHAV at the Mahrag Center in Kfar Vradim - Assist at this center for mentally challenged young adults in workshops on arts, crafts and other areas of enrichment


BEREN – GALILA FELLOWS. Assist with current projects and programs being pursued by this selective group of Social Entrepreneurs working to meet the challenges and needs in the Galilee. See Galila.org for more information.


AFTER SCHOOL programs – Assist with after school sports and other programs in Kfar Vradim or other nearby communities.


For those participants with special volunteer interests, the See Galilee staff will attempt to match you with an appropriate opportunity. Please be in touch prior to the program to discuss your specific interests.


  1. Application with essays and two letters of recommendation from non family members who have been your supervisors, teachers, rabbis, etc.
  2. $1,500 program tuition. If necessary, participants are encouraged to seek scholarships from their local Federations or other Jewish organizations to cover this fee. This fee is due 60 days prior to the beginning of the program.
  3. $500 deposit to be given within 30 days of acceptance into the program and to be returned upon successful completion in the program. This deposit is in addition to tuition.
  4. Participant will be responsible for their travel arrangements to and from Israel. The Program will reimburse  up to $2,000 of the cost for travel after 90 days of successful participation in the program.
  5. Participant will receive a $200 per month stipend, and up to $300 of travel reimbursement for program related expenses in the north. The Participant will be responsible  to supplement the $200 monthly stipend to cover living expenses. Masa Israel awards need based stipends up to $1,500 and applicants are encouraged to apply. Free WIFI will be available in the apartments. Israeli cell phone service will be arranged for each participant, however participants are responsible to pay for usage. Participants will be required to carry cell phones at all times.
  6. Insurance. Israel Way will provide health and other insurance during the program. Each participant is encouraged to purchase any additional insurance to cover any risks perceived by this experience in addition to that provided by Israel Way. Participants can arrange to extend insurance coverage if staying after the program. In order to participate in the program, participants will be required to sign a waiver to release liability from The Galila Foundation, the Beren SEA Foundation or the Mid-Kansas Jewish Federation.
  7. Participant will be responsible to complete an essay on the experience for publication and to participate in formal feedback sessions during and upon completion of the program.
  8. Participants may apply to extend their stay to participate in one more full 5 month session. Contact Israel Way for more details.

Total Program Cost*:

Masa Israel Grant**: $(3,000)
Beren SEA Foundation: $(4,500)
Mid Kansas Jewish Federation Subsidy: $(1,000)
Tuition***: $(1,500)
*The Program will pay for up to $2,000 in round trip coach air fare. This cost is not listed above.
** The Program will pay for those Participants who do not qualify for a Masa Israel grant.
***The participant is required to pay a $500 refundable deposit  in addition to tuition.