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The SEE Galilee program was established to attract young Jewish adults who have an interest in creating their own social venture for the Jewish community wherever they end up residing in life. The unique and distinguishing characteristic of the SEE Galilee program is that it was designed and built around the idea to provide a real life laboratory for participants to experiment with setting up a social venture on their own. The most successful entrepreneurs are ones who have learned from the experience of trying something out in real life and SEE Galilee is ready to make that happen for all of its participants. We will provide formal education, mentoring and guidance to the participants in social entrepreneurship and most of all, provide a welcoming atmosphere that will enhance the experience for everyone. The Beren Sea Foundation (BerenSeaFoundation.org) and Galila (Galila.org) have focused their work in social entrepreneurship and over the last three years have selected, so far, a group of 6 Israeli Fellows who are all extremely successful social entrepreneurs in the Galilee and it is from these as well as other experts in the field who the participants will learn the most. Whether you end up staying for 5 or 10 months, with the See Galilee experience under your belt, you will enhance your resume in a unique way if you seek employment or decide to start your own social entrepreneur venture after the program. Either way, SEE Galilee is a unique opportunity you won’t want to miss!



Current Participant, Alisa Wills


The Social Entrepreneurship Experience in the Galilee allows self-motivated individuals to bring their passions to life. Here, you are provided with the basic ingredients to enact change and implement a project of your own. This includes successful mentors who share the goal of developing the Galil, a supportive community willing to be the testing lab for your idea, and motivated colleagues to consult with and grow from. You will hone the skills necessary to come into a new environment, adapt to the culture both professionally and personally, and achieve success in a quantifiable way for both yourself and the community.


I came to the program with a specific model of self-sustaining microfinance that I wanted to implement in the Galil. I spent my first several weeks getting to know more about the Galil (economically, culturally, and historically) and connecting with those in the community who could help me start this project.  During this process I discovered my specific idea wasn't applicable to the area but, from what I learned, I became impassioned about developing entrepreneurship in Northern Israel. I was able to pivot and have since been working to host the first multi-day entrepreneurship conference in the Galil. The goal of this program is to kick-start the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the North, and improve the resources for companies that want to start up here. The skills I acquired through this process are applicable to my original venture idea as well as opportunities that will come up in the future.


I am thankful to SEE Galilee for providing just the situation I was looking for as I try to pursue my own passions and career path in social entrepreneurship. I don’t know if I will end up living in Israel or going back home, but either way, I am more ready and confident for my career wherever I end up.