Sharon Diamond

Registration Coordinator

Sharon grew up in Montreal, Canada in a very Jewish household. She went to a Jewish elementary and high school where she regularly learned about Israel, and decided it was a place that she has always wanted to go.

Sharon moved to Toronto for University and stayed there for 5 years where she worked for a Canadian Football league. It was a great job but she couldn’t stop thinking about moving to Israel, so she started researching programs and ended up contacting Israel Way-Oranim. A few months later she landed in Israel for the first time ever to start Israel Way-Oranim’s Tel Aviv Internship Program. The program was such an amazing experience she couldn’t be happier with her decision, even though leaving her life at home was difficult.  As her program came to an end she realized that she wanted to stay in Israel. She contacted Israel Way-Oranim about a potential position with the company and was fortunate to begin working almost immediately. Sharon currently lives in the heart of Tel Aviv, minutes away from the beach.