Hotel & Tourism Israel Internships


  •  How do I apply for the Eilat Hotel Experience?

 You can call the toll free number or request on the website for more information, or request for more information by putting your contact details on the site. A short interview is conducted on the phone with one of our program advisors. A deposit is required to secure your place on the program, which is returned upon completion of the program. A registration page is then set up where you will have a place to submit documents such as your resume, a health form etc. We will then send you emails with more information on the program.

  • Where will people be from in my program and how old? 

 Your fellow participants on the Eilat Hotel Experience will be people aged 19-30 (exceptions may be made for 18) from all around the world. In the past we have had people from Australia, South Africa, England, United States, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Brazil, Ukraine and Russia just to name a few. 


  • How can I get from the airport to my destination? 

 You will fly to Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv. You can get a cab, sherut, or train or pay for a Smile service on your registration page.

**Your program starts in Tel Aviv.


  • What is the smile service?

Smile service is a personal service who will greet you after passport check. They will be waiting with your name and take you directly to your destination via private taxi.



  •  What do I expect when I arrive to the Eilat Hotel Experience?

 You will meet with your city coordinator and get yourself settled. The first week is orientation, where you will have an opening discussion with the Program Coordinator. You will also have enrichment activities, Ulpan, and of course meet your fellow participants etc. 


  • Will my Internship at the hotel be decided for me before I arrive?

 On the registration page you will have a place to submit a resume. Placement varies based on past experience and skill set. A coordinator will contact you before you arrive to Israel although finalization of your placement will happen upon your arrival after a personal interview.


  •  Will the Eilat Hotel Experience be conducted in English?

The program itself will be in English, however while working at the Hotel you will be interacting with Israelis.


  • Will the Internships look good on my resume?  

Yes however much you put in to it, you will get back. There have been participants in the past that stayed on in the hotels after the programs were over, got hired at the same hotel equivalent in the States, or even were transferred to a different hotel in a different city in Israel.


  • Are meals provided to us?

Yes, you will have 3 meals a day provided by the hotel. You will have to go to the hotel you work for to eat, but there is always that option. The meals are all Kosher.


  • How many hours will I be working at the Hotel?

You will be working four days a week, nine and a half hour shifts. One hour of this shift is a break where you will be able to eat.


  • How many hours of Ulpan will I get?

You will get 64 hours of conversational Hebrew lessons all of which are mandatory. The first two weeks of the program will be intensive Hebrew lessons, 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • Where will I be living during the Eilat Hotel Experience?

You will be living in apartments that are staff housing for all workers of the hotel chain you will be working for.


  • Who will I be living with?

There will be 2 people per room, and depending on how many rooms in the apartment, you may also have flatmates.


  • What is included in the rooms?

Depending on which hotel chain you work for depends on what amenities are included in the rooms. Some hotels provide 2 bedroom apartments others studio apartments. Included is internet, cable TV, fridge, hot water kettle, closet.


  • Should I bring my laptop to the Eilat Hotel Experience?

Yes you will have wireless internet in your rooms so you if you want to keep in contact with friends and family you can put skype on. Eilat is a wireless hot-spot so you can pick internet up in most cafes, restaurants etc.


  • How will I get to my Hotel and back?

You will be provided with bus passes, so not only can you go to your Internship and back but around Eilat as well. Your bus pass also serves as a residency card that will give you discounts in tons of restaurants and shops in Eilat.


  • Will I be able to choose what hotel I work in?

No. You will have an interview with your city coordinator in the beginning of the program, and they will place you in a hotel that best fits your background and the needs of the hotel.


  • Is Eilat a safe city?

Yes, Eilat remains a safe city. The safety of our participants is one of our top priorities. Should there be any sign of danger we will take immediate action when needed.

  • How much spending money should I bring on the Eilat program?

You will be making around $1200 throughout the course of the program, but you still may want to bring a few hundred $ for the beginning of the program for general living expenses.


  • Is it possible to budget in Eilat?

Eilat is a fairly cheap city as far as Israel goes.


  • Where should I have things mailed to?

Depending on which hotel you are placed in will depend on your mailing address. Please speak with your city coordinator to find out the address.


  • I take medication, will the medication I use be available to me on the program?

You will have medical insurance provided to you by Oranim, however it does not include pre- existing conditions. Also, some medication is not available in Israel that is given in the US. We recommend you bring enough medication to last the entire time you are in Israel. The only prescripts that can be filled in Israel are prescriptions written by an Israeli doctor in Israel.


  • Will I be able to join a gym?

Of course! All over Israel there are outdoor free gyms, however you may join an actual gym if you like. In order to do this you may need to provide a physical.


  •  Will I have free weekends to see friends/family or travel in Israel?

No. You will be working most weekends. You will have one day off, usually during the week (unless you are Shomer Shabbas). Since Eilat is so far from most everything else in Israel, it makes it difficult to travel with only one day off a week.


  • Can I bring pets to the program?

No, no animals are allowed.


  • What if I don't have friends or family here?

We have a great host family program where you can request a family from a number of different Jewish affiliations. You can spend a Shabbat or high holiday with them.


  • Will there be supervision on the program?

Yes you will have great city co-coordinators that have their phone on them 24/7 in case of an emergency. You will also have an Hotel employer, ulpan teachers, enrichment teachers, tour co-coordinators etc. Thus a pyramid of supervision.


  • Will we also volunteer in the community?

Yes you will volunteer 3 hours a week in the community teaching English to teenagers.

  • What will the Enrichment activities be on?

The enrichment activities (around once a week) are very stimulating. They cover topics such as Zionism, Jewish history, culture, what it is like to be a soldier in the army etc. 


  • Where will we be going on the trips?

You will get to see the south of Israel. You will go to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and more. You will have excellent tour guides that will explain the natural significance of each site you visit.


  •  Can I travel to Egypt, Jordan, Syria, or Lebanon while on my program?

No! You are not allowed to go to any Arab countries while on the program. You may do an organized day trip to Petra, as long as it has been approved in advance.


  • What happens if I get sick and have to miss work?

You will need to call out with both your Manager at the hotel, and also your city coordinator. You will also need to get a Doctor’s note.