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  • Pickn'Tell

    Fashion | High-Tech

    Pickn'Tell was established to break down the walls between virtual and reality in the world of shopping. The Pickn'Tell team decided to help retailers unite their various digital worlds and physical stores with a fully customizable, comprehensive omnichannel mobile solution that combines shopping with social networking, to make for a more interactive shopping experience. 

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  • Under.me

    Business | Fashion

    Underwear makes up the foundation of every outfit. 

At under.me they create undergarments for men and women who’s personal style is never overshadowed by their panty lines. 

Inspired and designed by supermodel Bar Refaeli, under.me represents her own laid-back style and her love for the natural and unadorned.

 They believe when you're comfortable in your own skin you don’t need expensive and glamorous apparel to feel great.

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  • Lallou

    Fashion | Design

    ​Lallou is french brand created in 2008 by the belgian designer, Shirley Bern. It was mainly focused on dresses until october 2013. In September 2014, the brand is planning on launching a silk square scarves collection.

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