Tel Aviv Internship Experience



  • How do I apply for the Tel Aviv Internship Experience Program?

In order to apply for the program, simply click the “Get Started” or “Apply Now” links on our web page. Type your information in all of the fields and click “Submit”. One of our representatives will contact you shortly and walk you through the process.

  • What is the average age of the participants, and where are they from?

Participants on this program must be between the ages of 18 - 34. The majority of our participants are aged 20-27.

Our internship program is very international, with participants coming from all over the world. Some of the countries represented include: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

  • How can I get from the airport to my destination?

All international flights into Israel arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, about 20-25 minutes outside of Tel Aviv. From the airport to Tel Aviv, you can get a cab, sherut (shared cab service), or train. An optional Smile Service may be available at Ben Gurion Airport (for an additional cost).

  • I am not Jewish, can I still participate in this program?

Yes, definitely! Although the majority of our participants are Jewish, it is not a requirement of the Tel Aviv Internship Experience program. We have a large number of people from all over the world who come to get valuable internship experience, as well as to learn what the real Israeli lifestyle is all about!

  • What is the smile service?

Smile Service is a personal greeter who will meet you after you complete passport check at Ben Gurion Airport. The Smile Service representative will have your name on a sign, greet you, and then escort you to a private vehicle to take you to your destination in Tel Aviv. The Smile Service is optional for an additional cost.

  • What can I expect when I arrive in Tel Aviv?

When you arrive in Tel Aviv, you will be greeted with a warm “Shalom!” by a Destination Israel representative at your apartment. You will be given an orientation, house rules, and a set of keys to your new home. Your first week in Tel Aviv will be spent in orientation sessions, meeting your Tel Aviv team, fellow participants, learning more about the program, and taking a tour of the city.

  • Will my Tel Aviv internship be decided for me before I arrive?

Destination Israel takes your internship very seriously. Our placement process typically begins 3 months before your session starts. You are involved in the entire process, from beginning to end, to help ensure you receive the internship that best matches your goals. The majority of our participants know where they will be interning before they leave their home countries.

  • Will the Tel Aviv internship be conducted in English?

Because Hebrew is a minority language in the world and our participants come from many different countries, we do not have a Hebrew knowledge requirement for our participants. Our programs are designed to take place in English, and everyone (no matter from which country they come) must have a high level of English language competency in order to be accepted on the program. You will definitely learn some great Hebrew while you are living in Tel Aviv, and whether you are coming as a complete beginner or already fluent in Hebrew, we encourage you to use it for an enhanced experience in Israel.

  • Will my internship look good on my resume/CV?

Absolutely! All participants in our program are active team members at the companies and organizations where they work. You will be able to utilize the skills and knowledge you already possess in order to make a difference, as well as gaining a lot of amazing experience in your chosen field. Work experience in an international venue will boost your chances for a very successful future.

  • Where will I be living during the Tel Aviv internship program?

Destination Israel maintains apartments in various locations throughout Tel Aviv. These are real apartments in buildings where Israelis live. All of our apartments are near trendy, fun spots and nothing in Tel Aviv is far from the beaches along the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Who will I be living with?

You will share your apartment with other participants on your program. Our apartments typically have a large common area with several adjoining bedrooms, 2 participants to each bedroom. Each bedroom contains 2 single/twin beds.

  • What is included in the apartment?

The apartments are furnished, along with bathroom, shower, air conditioning, a kitchen area, and WiFi internet service.

Bedding (pillows, sheets, blankets) are not included with our apartments. You will be required to supply your own bedding (either bring it with you, or plan for a trip to the store/market soon after your arrival).

  • Should I bring my laptop?

Yes, a great deal of communication regarding the program and various events will be shared with you via email while you are here with us. You will have WiFi internet service in your apartment, and there are many free WiFi spots throughout Tel Aviv. Bringing your laptop or tablet will help you keep in touch with family and friends back home, as well as research fun activities to do in and around Tel Aviv. We strongly encourage you to bring a laptop or tablet with you.

  • How will I travel between home and my internship?

Your bus transportation in and around Tel Aviv is provided with this program. You will be given an Israeli bus card (Rav Kav) after arrival, and you can use this to cover your transportation costs if you use the bus.

  • Is Tel Aviv a safe city?

Tel Aviv is an urban center, like many other cities around the world. Personal safety is always our priority, and we never take our participants to areas considered unsafe. We consider all of our participants as adults, and as in all urban centers, we encourage you to always be aware of your surroundings.

  • How much spending money should I bring on the internship program?

Your monthly budgets will entirely depend on the lifestyle you want to lead in Tel Aviv. Food and alcohol are expensive in Tel Aviv. If you prefer to eat conservatively at home, cooking your own food, you might be comfortable on $400 a month. If you prefer to eat out at restaurants and buy cocktails periodically through the week, you might be more comfortable with $600 - $700 per month.

  • Is it possible to budget in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is a metropolitan area and one of the largest cities in Israel. That being said, it is, of course, possible to budget your money while living here. There are open-air markets (Shuk haCarmel or Levinsky Market) where you can find much better prices for food and various products. Tel Aviv is also foodie’s paradise! You will find a myriad of choices to match your palate.

  • Will I have free weekends to see friends/family or travel in Israel?

Yes, we consider all our participants as adults, and you have a great deal of free time to do whatever you wish.

  • Can I bring pets to the program?

No, pets are not permitted. If you wish to bring a pet, then you will need to organize your own accommodations and ensure that you comply with all appropriate Israeli laws.

  • I want to live in a different city but still do the Tel Aviv Internship program. Do you recommend this?

Independent housing is an option on this program if you wish to live alone, or with friends and family. All other aspects of the program (your internship, Hebrew ulpan, weekly enrichment seminars, etc.) take place in Tel Aviv, so your presence will be required for those events in the city.

  • What if I don't have friends or family here?

The majority of our participants do not have friends and family in Israel. But not to fear, Tel Aviv is an extremely social city! Not only will you make friends with the other participants in your program, but you will also very easily meet people (including local Israelis) through your program and through social events in and around the city.

Additionally, after you are with us for a few weeks, you will be given the option of signing up with a Host Family. Host Families are local Israelis who have agreed to volunteer their time to share Shabbat and/or holiday dinners with you. You do not live with the Host Families. More information about this optional feature will be shared with you from you once you are here.

  • Will there be supervision on the program?

Yes, absolutely! We consider you as an adult on this program, and you will have a great deal of free time. That being said, Destination Israel considers you as part of our family, and you will have a strong support system from every member of our team. Your local program coordinators will supply you with all of their contact information, as well as what you should do in case of an emergency.

  • Will we also volunteer in the community?

Yes, all participants on this program are required to volunteer a specific number of hours per month. You will be given long lists of different volunteer opportunities while you are here, and you will simply select which things interest you most.

  • What are the Enrichment Activities?

You will get together with the other participants on your program once a week for an enrichment activity. As the name suggests, these activities are all designed to enrich your knowledge of Israeli society. Enrichments deal with subjects relating to Israeli culture, minority groups, history, politics, current events, and holidays.

  • Where will we be going on the trips?

As part of this program, you will go on organized trips around the country. This enables you to see other parts of Israel, see how people live in areas outside of Tel Aviv, and gives you the chance to spend time with your fellow participants. We typically take you on trips to the northern and southern parts of Israel, to Jerusalem, Haifa, the Dead Sea and other beautiful, fun places.

  • Will we meet people on the other programs?

Yes, definitely! Destination Israel has many programs operating in the country at the same time. You will have many opportunities to meet people from our various programs and form friendships that will last your lifetime.

  • I need a letter for my college/university to say how many hours I did at my Internship.

Once you officially become a participant on this program, Destination Israel can provide you with a letter of proof that you are a member of this program, if needed.
When you finish the program, you will receive a Certificate from us stating that you have successfully completed the program.

  • Will I be eligible for funding from the Masa Organization?

The Masa Organization does have two funding options for Jewish applicants to our programs that are at least 5 months long. One funding option, the “Masa Israel Needs’ Based Grant” is entirely dependent on your personal financial situation. A second funding option, the “Masa Israel Universal Grant” is based on specific requirements. Our Program Advisors will be happy to explain these grants to you during your telephone interview. You will apply for both of these grants directly from the Masa Organization via their website.
For Jewish applicants, other possible sources of funding for this program might be: Jewish organizations (both international as well as country-specific), synagogues, universities, and Jewish philanthropists. For non-Jewish applicants, there is no funding available from the Masa Organization. However, many of our non-Jewish applicants have reported getting financial help from their religious institutions, universities, and places of employment.

  • Do I need a special visa for this program?

Destination Israel is an Israeli company with no affiliation with the government. We are therefore not able to help you secure a visa (pre- or post-arrival). Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, we strongly advise you to contact your local Israeli embassy/consulate in your home country in order to determine what kind of visa you will be required to obtain for the duration of your time here in Israel. If needed, Destination Israel can provide you with letters as proof of participation in the program. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to secure the appropriate visa for your program.