Tel Aviv Internship Experience


Placement Overview

Internships in Tel Aviv & Internships in Israel : Tel Aviv Internship Experience

Each Destination Israel participant will have the opportunity to work with the Internship Placement Coordinator prior to arriving in Israel . No matter what your career goals may be, we will be able to find you a placement that suits your needs and aspirations.

Prior to your arrival, the Internship Placement Coordinator will line up several interviews for you based on your preferences. During the first week or two of the program, you will interview at these prospective placement options to determine the one that best suits you. The typical workweek is 4-5 days per week, averaging 35 hours. Transportation to your internship will be provided. In some cases, additional perks may be offered such as a lunch stipend.

 In order for us to prepare the best selection of internships for you, please submit your resume to us as soon as you apply for the program..