Tel Aviv Internship Experience


Einav Nof-Agam

Director of Programs

Einav was born in the southern city Be’er Sheva to Argentinian parents, who made Aliyah with their parents as teenage kids. Since the age of three she traveled around the world due to her fathers job, and found herself in places such as Spain, Singapore and Italy. In all those places Einav felt her strong connection with the Jewish community, and was very involved. In 1998, her family shipped overseas once again, although this time, she couldn’t join them, since she felt her duty towards the IDF was much stronger and served as a travel instructor throughout Israel, guiding soldiers from all different troops around Israel. In 2010 she got her BA degree in Communications and Management and in 2012 she got her MA degree in Organization Development. She is Married to Avshalom (her high school sweetheart) and is a mother to a beautiful boy named Ofir and two daughters named Tamar & Gili.

Carmel Feller

Tel Aviv Program Coordinator

Carmel was born and raised in Petah Tikva. He served in the IDF as part of a technical crew in the Navy. Upon his release from the army, Carmel travelled to South America and learned Spanish on the way. Carmel lived and studied in Beer Sheva for five years and recently finished his M.A in Sociology from Ben Gurion University. During his time in Be'er Sheva he was involved in different activists’ groups and advocated for social change. During his studies, he also interned in organizational advising for an NGO. Carmel believes that Ramla can become a model for co-existence and cooperation between different groups in the Israeli society, and that participants who come to Ramla have the privilege to create alternatives to the current reality and make their mark in the community.

Leah Bauman

Tel Aviv Program Director

Leah was born in Toronto, grew up in New York, and came to Israel for a gap year after high school. She decided to stay and study at the IDC in Herzliyah. After university she worked for one of the Birthright trip organizers for several years before moving over to long term Israel porgramming with Israel Way. Leah currently lives in Tel Aviv and strongly believes that it is the best city in the world.

Sonya Burlan

Tel Aviv Program Coordinator

Sonya Burlan is a first-generation American, born and raised in New York City to Russian-Israeli parents. She was very active in the Jewish community throughout her life and visited Israel frequently throughout her teenage years. Sonya began volunteering at local Jewish community centers during her second year of university, creating and leading Jewish educational activities for children. Sonya completed her B.A. in International Studies at Fordham University and decided to follow her heart to Israel--on a Masa Kibbutz Ulpan program. After studying Hebrew and working with children on Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael for half a year, she made Aliyah. Sonya's passions are education and expression--preferably at the same time.

Peleg Lotan

Internship Coordinator

Peleg was born in Bat-Yam to Yoel and Miriam. He has a twin brother named Almog and a little sister named Noam. His father moved to America and for a year and founded a company called Alpen (Almog Peleg Noam). After a year, once he was more financially stable and the paperwork was completed, the entire family settled down in the Bay Area. After high school, his parents decided to move back to Israel and took Peleg's sister back with them. Peleg and his brother stayed in California and he completed his BA in psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. When he graduated, he decided to come back to Israel to reunite with his family. Peleg moved to Bat-Yam and lives there with his girlfriend of two years. During his free time he likes to surf, play basketball and soccer with his friends. He is currently in his second year of graduate school in IDC Herzilya in Organizational Behavior and Development.