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Destination Israel Programs

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funded long-term programs in Israel!


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Destination Israel programs help you experience a fantastic and meaningful journey in Israel. Our Israel programs include internships, volunteering and others. Use your passions and talents to inspire and to serve Israel. Through our long-term Israel programs and our short-term Israel programs, you can become part of the Israeli community; living among friends who share your adventurous spirit and desire to give. You can learn to speak Hebrew like a Sabra, explore Israel like never before, and make life-long friendships. Our most important goal is being able to create a meaningful and special experience in Israel for everyone, in every age group.
Our Israel programs give you the opportunity to experience life in Israel, while learning and broadening your horizon within Israel's society. By Volunteering in Israel, Interning in Israel, or simply Studying in Israel, you will emerge with a sense of personal growth; all while making meaningful contributions, and working side-by-side with Israelis. We work in partnership with Masa Israel to ensure that any of our Destination Israel programs will be affordable for you. Masa Israel provides financial support and other resources to participants on our long-term Israel programs. Learn all about our enriching Israel programs by clicking here.