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  • Futureal

    Business | Real Estate

    With €600 million worth of projects developed and a further €1bn pipeline, Futureal has become a dominant player in the Central European real estate market. Developments include mixed-use urban developments, residential, office and retail projects. Their aim is to create lasting value for their customers, tenants and the local communities they are working with. Their belief is to minimize the environmental impact through sustainable development and to create projects with a strong and unique sense of place.

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  • Mindspace

    Real Estate

    Mindspace is a beautiful and creative working environment for a community of interesting people doing exciting things: entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, designers, small and medium companies and whoever loves to be inspired. With its first location in the vibrant Rothschild Blvd. of Tel Aviv, Mindspace provides a variety of office suits, meeting rooms, a co-working space and funky chill out areas which are all backed with a full range of support services. Mindspace's space is designed to foster collaboration as they strive to create dynamic and creative network amongst our awesomely talented members from different fields, where they can share ideas, link up and have fun.

  • Estateya

    Real Estate | High-Tech 

    Estateya is the world's first Marketplace for real estate investments! Their mission is to make real estate investment open, reachable and trustable to all. In Estateya they're thinking about the client's financial future. Using their platform the client can get access to a wide range of real estate investment opportunities worldwide, create property's investment pages for public or private groups, compare assets returns by calculators, seller's credibility, and crowd rating, and join our community to network with experts and rate, share, and discuss properties. Estateya has exclusive summarizing and ranking mechanisms that will help you choose the next investment wisely.

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  • Alto 

    Real Estate | Business

    ALTO Real Estate Funds provides investors with a stabilizing component in their investment portfolio: Real investments with a low risk profile combined with a value added approach, an attractive annual yield target and long-term current yield. ALTO Real Estate Funds provide a solution for investors seeking to invest in the same way as the large international institutional investors. The investors in the funds are exposed to income-producing investments which serve as an essential component in their total investment portfolio, while also enjoying geographic and currency diversification and taking advantage of the opportunities now available in the United States.

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