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  • ISDS Ltd.

    Business | Security

    ISDS is a multi-national security company with a global outlook. A worldwide influential, sophisticated security consultant and integrator in areas such as Homeland security (HLS), Defense, Maritime and Aviation security, Infrastructure, Multi-National Enterprises and the security of Mega-Events. With a record dating back to 1982 in planning, developing, integrating and operating large-scale security projects in versatile environment, ISDS provides an integrated solution for security projects of high complexity.

  • Roboteam

    Engineering | Security

    Roboteam designs, develops and manufactures cutting edge, user-oriented, multi-purpose, unmanned platforms and controllers for Defense, Law Enforcement and Public Safety missions. Their team includes dozens of highly experienced engineers that are dedicated to creating units that provide complete operational and tactical control, overall mission management and enhanced force coordination.

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  • MyPermissions

    High-Tech | Security

    MyPermissions has built a suite of security tools for protecting personal privacy online, including a free mobile app for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, and a Web browser plugin that gives users real-time alerts whenever a new application connects. MyPermissions monitors all connected applications across social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox and more. They give users control over the data that apps are able to access. MyPermissions protects users from unknowingly sharing photos, documents, locations, contacts, emails, or any other sensitive information, and allows them to approve or revoke what apps access their data, and how.

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  • INSS

    Security | Research

    The Institute for National Security Studies launches and engages in innovative, relevant, high-quality research that shapes the public discourse of issues on Israel's national security agenda, and provides policy analysis and recommendations to decision makers, public leaders, and the strategic community, both in Israel and abroad. As part of its mission, it is committed to encourage new ways of thinking and expand the traditional contours of establishment analysis.

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    Consulting | Security 

    Founded by one of the foremost homeland security experts in the world, ASERO is a team of international security experts that provides advice to governments and businesses on how to mitigate their security risks in the wake of increased terrorist activities at home and around the world. ASERO’s past performance evaluation, as scored by Dun & Bradstreet’s Open Ratings, reflects our commitment to providing exceptional value to our clients.

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  • Check Point

    High-Tech | Security 

    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization.

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