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Tel Aviv #1 Internships program

Join Participants from over 20+ countries and 100+ universities

Tel Aviv Internship Program
2-5 Months

Destination Israel brings to you an opportunity to participate in our long or short-term Tel Aviv internship program, located in the most vibrant city and business hub in Israel. In a highly competitive job market, you need to make yourself stand out. Internships, therefore, are crucial for you before you can embark on your chosen career path.

Whether you are a student, recent graduate or on a path to change careers, our internships in Israel will polish your resume with opportunities that many never get. Our internships in Israel are supported by over 600 leading companies from all major professional fields. Scholarships Available.

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1200+ Companies have hosted our interns including

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Program Features


A dedicated internship coordinator will guide you from registration until you arrive into Tel Aviv.

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We offer 3 levels of housing, all located in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas.  Voted #1 in apartments.

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Medical Insurance Icon

Medical Insurance

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Live like a local and be safe like a local. Our Israeli medical insurance will cover you during your stay!

Bus/Train Pass

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During the entire period of the program you will be able to explore and travel around Tel Aviv for free! Receive your RavKav upon arrival

Group Day and Overnight Trips

Walking tours of Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, Snorkeling in Eilat, hiking in the North, and camping in the South, Day trip to Sderot. Itineraries are unique depending on the season.

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International Community of Interns

International Community

Get to know other Jewish participants from all around the world. We have hosted participants from over 30+ countries.

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Hebrew Ulpan Icon

Hebrew Ulpan

Ulpan, our private Hebrew language course is available on all of our Masa Programs. Learn Hebrew while on the program.

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Choose one of many extra activities in Tel Aviv; Krav Maga, Gym Membership, Professional Mentorship, Surfing and more

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6000+ Alumni from Around the World

Michael, USA

Interned at i24News

"My dream after Birthright was to live in Tel Aviv. After graduating from the university of Maryland with a degree in Marketing, I applied and was accepted to Destination Israel in the Summer of 2022. My internship was amazing and I couldn't recommend it enough.
Talia, UK

Interned at Deloitte

“I extended my trip after I did Ulpan and eneded up interning with SimilarWeb, it changed my life. I choose Gimel Housing and my apartment was like brand new”
Carly, USA

Interned at SimilarWeb

“My brother pushed me do the Masa Fast Track program after I graduated from the university of Florida. After 9 months, the experience I gained working in Tel Aviv brought me to where I am today. Thank you Destination Israel for helping me the entire way through. ”

Choose Your Housing

We offer three different housing packages, if you would like to find your own accommodation, the full cost of the tuition is $4,790.
All Apartments are fully furnished, including WiFi, washing machine, A/C and all utility fees.
All packages are eligible to receive Masa Scholarships and Grants which are usually between $1000 - $5200.

Full Comparison
before Masa Funding
Ramat Gan, Givatim, Bat Yam, Petach Tikva
Apartment with Full Kitchen
Spacious bedrooms and common areas
Tel Aviv Housing
before Masa Funding
Central Tel Aviv
Modern Apartments
Includes Ulpan
24/7 front desk

How it works


Apply now and schedule your interview with a Program Advisor


Collaborate with our placement coordinator and secure your internship


If your placement is successful, confirm your enrollment with a tuition deposit

Pack your bags

Pack your bags and get ready to sunny Tel Aviv!


Start Date

End Date


Masa Internship (January)
January 6, 2025
May 28, 2025
Registration Open
Masa Internship (October)
October 28, 2024
November 26, 2024
Limited Spots
Post Program options

Apply to Stay Longer

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Extend your time on a second program and receive a 6 months B/1 work visa,
medical insurance and housing options.

Over the past two years, Destination Israel has become the #1 extension program after you finish your first 4-5 month Masa program. Schedule a call  or apply to find out how to receive a second scholarship, how housing works, and/or how to change your provider.

Those eligible for extension program include: a different Masa career program, Kibbutz Ulpan, Masa Ulpan program, Gap Year, Kibbutz Ulpan, MITF and summer programs.

Read About Our Trips

Our trips that our staff will organize will enable you to see other parts of Israel, see how people live in areas outside of Tel Aviv, and give you the chance to spend time with your fellow participants. We typically take you on trips to the Northern and southern parts of Israel, to Jerusalem, Haifa, the Dead Sea and other beautiful, fun places.

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How do I apply for the Tel Aviv Internship Experience Program?
In order to apply for the program, simply click the “Get Started” or “Apply Now” links on our web page. Type your information in all of the fields and click “Submit”. One of our representatives will contact you shortly and walk you through the process.
Will my internship look good on my resume/CV?
Absolutely! All participants in our program are active team members at the companies and organizations where they work. You will be able to utilize the skills and knowledge you already possess in order to make a difference, as well as gaining a lot of amazing experience in your chosen field. Work experience in an international venue will boost your chances for a very successful future.
Will the Tel Aviv internship be conducted in English?
Because Hebrew is a minority language in the world and our participants come from many different countries, we do not have a Hebrew knowledge requirement for our participants. Our programs are designed to take place in English, and everyone (no matter from which country they come) must have a high level of English language competency in order to be accepted on the program. You will definitely learn some great Hebrew while you are living inTel Aviv, and whether you are coming as a complete beginner or already fluent in Hebrew, we encourage you to use it for an enhanced experience in Israel.
Who will I be living with?
You will share your apartment with other participants on your program. Our apartments typically have a large common area with several adjoining bedrooms, 2 participants to each bedroom. Each bedroom contains 2single/twin beds.